Did you know?

Evaluating cybersecurity, increasing audit agility & attracting skilled professionals are all important objectives for internal audit leaders.

  • 70% of audit executives have identified cybersecurity as a top concern
  • 58% of audit executives admitted the need for more agility in audit approach & processes
  • 48% of the audit executives will increase headcount in 2019
  • 35% of the audit executives will enhance data analytics capabilities

2019 Report Highlights

2019 Internal Audit Priorities Report_Cover
  • Internal Audit Leaders are facing the need to better “realign” efforts to more effectively address a rapidly changing risk environment and their company’s strategic risks.
  • On nearly everyone’s plate, effective auditing of cyber security and data risk must focus on governance and a more detailed, comprehensive assessment of these critical risks.
  • Internal Audit agility must include leveraging the expertise and capabilities of the entire organization and outside firms to address critical emerging risks.
  • More Internal Audit leaders are developing analytics capabilities and getting involved in RPA/AI/Digitalization’s impacts on their business.
  • In a challenging labor market, Internal Audit Leaders must elevate the priority of Talent Management - to attract, retain and build core competencies.
  • Internal Audit leaders should seriously challenge their value proposition, processes and approach, “are we auditing what we know and understand, or are we truly auditing the risks to the business”?

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